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There are a billion blogs out there. Does the internet really need another?

Well, probably not. But I’m going to try anyway. Here’s why…

I spend a lot of time learning on the internet. Because of the internet I have learned how to fix carburetors, take apart Macs, install water-powered sump pumps, make websites, diagnose and replace the heating coil in a dryer, build a Nicholson workbench, and so much more. The only reason I was able to do those things is because someone put them out there.

I’ve taken a lot from my online peers, but rarely have I given back. I think I’m finally ready to contribute.

Defining Success

I want to make sure I’m not wasting my energy though. If I want to add to the fabric of the internet, but no one learns anything even visits, it was a bust. I’d probably be better off putting my energy elsewhere. I don’t want that to happen. So I’m going to try this out until the end of the year. Like a mid-year resolution, so to speak. I just have to make sure I can stay on track. Thankfully, a lot of other people have already figured out how to do this.

At Secondstreet, we’ve adopted (and modified) the OKR system that Google uses. So I’m going to lay out my Objectives and Key Results for this blog. It’s the only way I know how to determine my success.


  • Be first when Googling ‘jake apple’
  • Have this blog be considered worthy of syndication at unpluggedshop.com by December 2017
  • TBD